Woodfired Coffee

 How did this all begin?

Our story is really a convergence of stories, including a pioneer with a 30 year mission in the Amazon Jungles of Peru, and a pioneer coffee roasting family in the Hill Country of Texas. Both were drawn together by the same vision and were introduced by a mutual friend who had served in Peru and recognized the possible impact a FireTrade mission could have, if started there.

Inspired by the superior flavor of early experiments, they were driven to develop a process that could achieve the same result on a commercial scale. They did it. They liken it to building the first violin (a big one), then learning how to play it! Upon their success, they were soon struck with the potential affect their power-free design could have on the world’s low-tech, coffee growing regions, and the evangelical missions serving them.

This inspired them to create FireTrade Coffee Company in order fund and launch viable, self-supporting, and independently owned missional coffee businesses throughout the world.

FireTrade is starting wonderfully in Peru, and will soon spread to other worthy missions. It has begun funding, building, training, and marketing indigenous mission-oriented coffee. The first company on board is the Arimborgo ministry in Iquitos, Peru.