Woodfired Coffee

Firetrade Coffe in IQUITOS, PERÚ

Jose Arimborgo, our first missionary, is a native of Peru, and has worked in its jungles with the support of his family for over 30 years. He has pioneered 200 church groups along the Amazon River Basin. As a young man he had a life-changing experience assisting the Red Cross during the devastating earthquakes in Peru. The carnage and suffering he witnessed caused him to examine his life and purpose. He decided his life had to count. He wanted to do something significant before he too was buried. He dedicated his life to Jesus, and to the service of his people. Thirty years later he is still going strong, but the growing ministry needs are great. It is his prayer that God will bless his coffee business, that its success may help supply the material needs for his expanding mission to the Amazon.

Aside from his duties as pastor to a large church, he has learned by rich experience, the rewards of investing time and money into children by building Christian schools and staffing them with well trained ministers and teachers. The rewards are not just found in the children whose lives are enriched by a Christian education, but in the parents too! Even the surrounding community as a whole.

Right now, Jose has church groups he has pioneered, ready to build schools and church buildings to impact their jungle communities, as soon as the funds are made available. Jose has already proven himself in this area by building a large, successful school in Iquitos. It has given him much favor with his people. The type of favor that opens minds and hearts, and changes lives.

Jose also has a heart to train pastors and church leaders in the mission school he has built outside of Iquitos. He currently has 25 pastors enrolled in the two and a half year program at the jungle mission.

These Students endure many hardships to prepare for the Spartan life of ministry and service to the people of the Amazon jungles.

The men’s and women’s dorms are very primitive. They prepare meals in a make-shift outdoor kitchen, cooking over an open fire. They drink, cook, and bathe with river water. They happily eat their inexpensive meals together at a modest outdoor dining table. So their habitat is simple, but their training is rich, and the environment of the jungle is lush and beautiful.

Through the profits from his FireTrade coffee roaster, Jose will continue to make improvements to, and even expand the mission school. It is also the desire of his heart to provide scholarship money to the many students who will otherwise not be able to afford room and board, not to mention books or tuition, while attending the pastoral training mission.